Kotlin 1.6.0 debuts memory manager (2021.11.19)

Memory manager for Kotlin/Native lifts restrictions on object sharing between threads and offers leak-free, concurrent programming primitives.


Kotlin 1.6.0 Released (2021.11.16)

Kotlin 1.6.0 is now officially released with Stable exhaustive whens, Kover, and a new memory manager for Kotlin/Native. Other language and standard library features released in 1.5.30 became Stable as well. Thanks for the feedback you’ve shared with us. If you still haven’t tried these new features out, now is the time!


WildFly 25.0.1 is released! (2021.11.05)

WildFly 25.0.1.Final is now available for download. It’s been about four weeks since the WildFly 25 release, so we’ve done a small bug fix update, WildFly 25.0.1. This includes an update to WildFly Preview. The full list of issues resolved in WildFly 25.0.1 is available here. Issues resolved in the WildFly Core updates (there were two) included with WildFly 25.0.1 are available here and here. Enjoy!


WildFly 25 is released! (2021.10.05)

I’m pleased to announce that the WildFly 25 Final zip is now available for download.
The big focus during the WildFly 25 development cycle has been on support for Java SE 17 and on the related transition away from our legacy security layer and to a purely WildFly Elytron-based security layer. More about those later, but first let’s look at new features in WildFly 25.


Changes are coming to WildFly (2021.09.27)

As significant changes percolate through the enterprise Java ecosystem, particularly progress on Jakarta EE 10 and the move to the jakarta.* namespace for the EE APIs, changes are also going to be coming to WildFly. In this post I want to describe what I see happening over the next few WildFly releases, starting with the WildFly 25 release that will be out soon.


What to expect in Java 18 (2021.09.20)

Our IT solutions allow businesses to focus on growth, without the hassle of maintaining and monitoring IT infrastructures. Less downtime, more productivity.


Eclipse’s Jakarta EE gains momentum (2021.09.15)

Developer survey by the open source foundation finds nearly half of respondents will migrate to Jakarta within two years.


JDK 17: The new features in Java 17 (2021.09.14)

The latest long-term support release of standard Java features always-strict floating point semantics, a foreign function and memory API, a uniform API for pseudo random number generators, and much more.


Java internet address resolution plan proposed (2021.09.09)

The OpenJDK community plans to develop a Service Provider Interface.


Microsoft open-sources Java garbage collection analyzer (2021.09.06)

GCToolkit parses log files into discrete events and has an API for aggregating data from those events, allowing complex analyses of the state of managed memory in the JVM.

Microsoft’s Java Engineering Group has open-sourced the Microsoft GCToolkit, a set of libraries for analyzing Java garbage collection (GC) log files.

Available on GitHub and offered under the MIT license, GCToolkit parses log files into discrete events and has an API for aggregating data from those events. Users can create arbitrary and complex analyses of the state of managed memory in the JVM, as shown by the Java GC log.


Kotlin 1.60 update previews experimental features (2021.08.27)

Kotlin 1.5.30 offers trial run of sealed when statements and suspend functions, language features that could be production-ready in Kotlin 1.60.


Kotlin 1.5.30 is now available (2021.08.25)

Since Kotlin 1.5.30 is the last incremental release before Kotlin 1.6.0, it includes many experimental language and standard library features that we are planning to release in Kotlin 1.6.0. Give them a try and share your feedback with us, you can really influence the final result! These experimental features include sealed when statements, changes to opt-in requirements, instantiation of annotation classes, improvements to the Duration and Regex stdlib APIs and more.


Spring Boot 2.5.4 Available (2021.08.19)

On behalf of the team and everyone who has contributed, I’m happy to announce that Spring Boot 2.5.4 has been released and is now available from Maven Central.

This release includes 35 bug fixes, documentation improvements, and dependency upgrades. Thanks to all those who have contributed with issue reports and pull requests.


Benefits & drawbacks of Java's fail-safe iterators (2021.08.18)

Iterators in Java are a simple mechanism to help developers avoid runtime exceptions. Let's explore the difference between fail-fast and fail-safe iterators.


Tomcat 10.0.10 Released (2021.08.05)

The Apache Tomcat Project is proud to announce the release of version 10.0.10 of Apache Tomcat. This release implements specifications that are part of the Jakarta EE 9 platform.

Applications that run on Tomcat 9 and earlier will not run on Tomcat 10 without changes. Java EE based applications designed for Tomcat 9 and earlier may be placed in the $CATALINA_BASE/webapps-javaee directory and Tomcat will automatically convert them to Jakarta EE and copy them to the webapps directory. This conversion is performed using the Apache Tomcat migration tool for Jakarta EE tool which is also available as a separate download for off-line use.

The notable changes in this release are:
  • Correct a regression in the previous release in the HTTP/2 flow control window management
  • Correct a regression the could cause some TLS connections to hang when using NIO
  • Use of GraalVM native images no longer automatically disables JMX support

WildFly 24.0.1 Available (2021.07.28)

WildFly 24.0.1.Final is now available for download. It’s been about six weeks since the WildFly 24 release, so we’ve done a small bug fix update, WildFly 24.0.1. This includes an update to WildFly Preview. The full list of issues resolved in WildFly 24.0.1 is available here. Issues resolved in the WildFly Core update included with WildFly 24.0.1 are available here. Enjoy!


IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2 is out (2021.07.27)

IntelliJ IDEA 2021.2, our summer release, is available! Download it from our website or by using the Toolbox App. You can also upgrade from inside the IDE or via snaps if you are a Ubuntu user.

We’ve introduced many new features in various areas of the IDE and worked on improving the daily experience in IntelliJ IDEA. The changes were mostly based on the feedback in our issue tracker, which is our go-to tool for learning about your needs and pain points. So, we’d appreciate your thoughts on this release and help in solving any bugs that you may come across.


Eclipse GlassFish 6.2.1 Upgrade (2021.07.13)

Eclipse has released GlassFish 6.2.1 that now supports Krazo, the compatible implementation of the Jakarta MVC specification. This new version is also being tested on JDK 17.


Kotlin 1.5.20 Released (2021.06.24)

Kotlin continues to stay up to date with latest Java features such as dynamic invocations and to provide better interoperability with Java by adding support for Java’s Lombok and JSpecify. We are also continuing our work of making the standard library consistent across platforms, as well as investing in Gradle tooling and the new JS IR backend.


Eclipse GlassFish 6.1 Available (2021.05.25)

We are happy to announce the final release of Eclipse GlassFish 6.1. This release provides implementations of the Jakarta EE 9.1 Platform and Web Profile specifications. Download links are available from the GlassFish Download page. Eclipse GlassFish 6.1 implements the Jakarta EE 9.1 specification (Jakarta EE 9.1 Platform, Jakarta EE 9 Web Profile). Note this release requires JDK 11.